10 Things You Must Do Following An Auto Accident

1.   Call 911 for the Police or Ambulance

2.   Render First Aid if Necessary/Possible

3.   Move Yourself to a Position of Safety, if Possible.. Don’t Move Your Vehicle.

4.   Do Not Make Statements Regarding the Accident to Anyone, Except the Police or  


5.   Record the Names of Witnesses, if Possible. 

6.   Take Photos of Your Vehicle and Other Vehicles Involved in the Accident (if


7.   Take Photos of Any Injury that Involves Bruising, Swelling or Scarring.

8.   Report the Accident to Your Auto Insurance Carrier.

9.   DO NOT Talk to any Insurance People Other Than Your Own Company for Any


10.  Call the Law Office of Donald E. Lewis- We Will Obtain Police Reports, Medical

       Records & All Other Required Documentation